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Use proxy_mod to redirect apache to tomcat

Recently, I moved my legacy blog PersonalPage to newer wordpress on Amazon ec2. WordPress is on apache php. Old peronalpage was wrote on tomcat. They are running on different ports. Today, I configured that I only visit through same port by using mod_proxy. By mod_proxy, all the request www.allenlipeng47.com/PersonalPage will forward to www.allenlipeng47.com:8080/PersonalPage In httpd, add below… Read More »


1. In any server, we can use ssh-keygen command to generate a pair of public/private key. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 Then, we will see “id_rsa”, “id_rsa.pub”. 2. Copy “id_rsa.pub” to the “~/.ssh” folder on machineA where we want to log in. We need to rename to “authorized_keys“. 3. Copy “id_rsa” to the “~/.ssh” folder… Read More »