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liner equation, non-linear equation

Single layer machine learning is actually linear equation. Linear equation is at most multi-variant polynomial equation, which at most include multiplication and adding.

Deep learning uses multi layers. The multi layers is considered to be non-linear equation.  Non-linear equation may include sin, cos, square etc on variances.

Both linear and non-linear equation fits curvature. However, non-linear is more flexible. Below are the equations for linear and non-linear ones.

Linear equations:

Y =\beta _{0} + \beta _{1}X_{1} + \beta _{2}X_{2} + \cdots + \beta _{k}X_{k}

Y =\beta _{0} + \beta _{1}X_{1} + \beta _{2}X_{1}^2

Non-linear equations:

\theta_{1} * X^\theta2

\theta_{1} + (\theta_{2}-\theta_{1}) * exp (-\theta_{3} * X ^\theta4)

\theta_{1} * cos(X + \theta_{4}) + \theta_{2} * cos (2 * X + \theta_{4}) + \theta_{3}