Design Elevators

电梯调度 停车场 Elevator max people capacity max weight airstairs[only to living area], goods stair[to storage area] Building Each elevator can each level or certain levels? Inside building the button controls all elevator or just one elevator. Scheduler same direction > static > different direction when elevator is running, can we press the button for different… Read More »

Producer, Consumer with ReentrantLock, Condition

public class PC { public static void main(String[] args) { ReentrantLock lock = new ReentrantLock(); Condition added = lock.newCondition(); Condition removed = lock.newCondition(); int[] resource = new int[1]; Consumer c1 = new Consumer(lock, added, removed, resource); Producer p1 = new Producer(lock, added, removed, resource); Producer p2 = new Producer(lock, added, removed, resource); new Thread(c1).start(); new… Read More »

Token Bucket

public class TokenBucket { private long maxBucketSize; private long refillRate; // per second private long currentBucketSize; private long lastRefillTimestamp; synchronized public boolean allowRequest(int token) { refill(); if (currentBucketSize >= token) { currentBucketSize -= token; return true; } return false; } private void refill() { long now = System.nanoTime(); double add = (now – lastRefillTimestamp) /… Read More »

groupon design

rule: { rule_id, type: discount/one-time value: 30%/50$ limited_user: [usr1, usr2] limited_user_grp: [grp1, grp2] number_of_usage: 1, service: [LYFT, CHIPOTLE] } groupon: { g_id, code: XMASCODE rule_id: xxx expire_date: 2021/12/31 } usage: { user_id, groupon_id, time }


Each segment has multiple entries. Each entry, it starts with a LinkedList. When it has too many, it changes to Black-Red-Tree. When write, if two writes are for different segment, then it allows. When multiple writes to same segment, it uses CAS(compare-and-set) to write and handle conflict. Each operation on segment has a counter. The… Read More »

ReentrantLock, ReentrantReadWriteLock

RentrantLock is almost the same as synchronized keyword. Only difference is that synchrnozied keyword needs a block. It maintains a queue for the threads. RentrantLock lock = new ReentrantLock(); lock.lock(); try { do something.. } finally { lock.release(); } ReentrantReadWriteLock. It also maintains a queue for threads. When it has queue: [readThread1, readThread2, writeThread3, readThread4]… Read More »


max, min Int.max Int.min Float.infinity –Float.infinity Double.infinity –Double.infinity label vs no label vs “_” Below are the ways passing variables func myFunc(label name: Int, lable name2: Int, age: Int, _ value: String) {     print(name)     print(name2)     print(age)     print(value) } myFunc(label: 4, lable: 3, age: 5, “aa”) default, no… Read More »


manifest, in kubernetes, it is used to create/modify resources, such as pod. Normally it is .yaml file. For example kubectl apply -f my-file.yaml artifact, a deployable resource. Could be docker image, git repo, github file, http file, s3 object etc chart, a combined K8S yaml manifests helm, is a tool. Similar to yum, apt in

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